Money Moves (Spring 2020)

Homebody (Spring 2020)

Greater (Spring 2020)

FaceThis (Spring 2020)

Sponsor[ed] (Spring 2019)

Teaching kids how to spot sponsored advertising content in media.

My Alumni (Spring 2019)

A multifaceted networking source connecting UNC Alumni and students.

Chefable (Spring 2019)

An interactive app offering cooking demonstrations and recipes to help in the kitchen.

SLYCK (Spring 2018)

SLYCK, a drink-ordering app that saves customers from long waits at bars, was presented by — Michelle Chang, Alexandra Hehlen, Ryan Herrera, Alexis Juarez and Tucker Key.

iBallot (Spring 2018)

iBallot, an app geared at young people to take part in local elections, was presented by — Raphaelle Aubert, Rachel Bridges, Raven Norton, Yujie Tao and Emily Wakeman.

Frankli (Spring 2018)

Frankli, a website for students researching professors and courses, was presented by — Kyle Eng, Caeli Harr, Campbell Payne and Rachel Ross.

Soundbite (Fall 2017)

A web and application platform where users can listen to, discuss and share their thoughts on their favorite local podcasts.

Snooze Ya Lose (Fall 2017)

Connecting local restaurants with hard-to-capture college audience by helping students get out of bed and get to class on time.

Sanctuary (Fall 2017)

This bracelet and mobile app keeps students safe on campus.