• We're the Reese Innovation Lab!
    We're a team of innovators, educators, and students, working on applications for emerging technologies.

We specialize in exciting new fields.

Artificial Intelligence

AI provides the “smart” underlying technologies that enable better and more intuitive interactive experiences. The team uses AI to drive better retention, analysis and seemingly endless variations of content for various human interactions.The team is currently developing an AI-driven teaching assistant.

Augmented Reality

As new headsets for AR emerge, the team creates informative and instructional experiences around real-life interaction that helps audiences grasp new concepts and interact with media. We recently completed an AR app for Hololens that uses Facial Recognition technology.

Virtual Reality

We use immersive visual 3D storytelling to transport students into multi-sensory, cultural experiences and artistic visualizations of data to increase learning and engagement. The team creates unique simulations and experiences for each client.


We are sure you will enjoy working with us!